Ch. Borderfame Mystic Liason

Hungaria Junior Champion, 3xHPJ, Jugendbester, 4x BOB, Jugendsieger St.Gallen, CACJ, Italian Youth Winner, Res. Junior BIS, Res.CAC, 2x Res CACIB, 4xCAC, CACIB, 6xBOB, Junior Clubstar 2004′, Veteran Champion

Born: 30.07.2003
CEA DNA free (by parentage), HD/ED free, TNS normal 

Offspring / Utódai

JCh.Firstclass at Real Pearl

4xHPJ, BOB, Youth Clubwinner, Res.Junior Best in Show, Crufts Qualfication, CAC, BOB

Hungaria Champion, 2xCACIB, BOB

Born: 23.08.2009.
chocolate factored
CEA, TNS Normal by parentage
HD:B, ED:0

’Glaukóma mentes’ / Glaucoma free

Heronwood Jazz’s Red Song

Hungaria Champion, Sprske Champion, 7xCAC, 4xCACIB, R.CACIB, 5xBOB, Res.BOG, BOG III

Born: 2011.11.07  red-white male   
USA import
HD:A1, ED:0

CEA/NCL/TNS/GG DNA Normal (own tests/saját szűrései)

hordozza a kék/lilac színt – carrie the blue/lilac colours

Utód példa

D´Energie´s Paparazzi Energie Des Costys Du Tomberg

breeder: Des Costys Du Tomberg kennel

owner: Energies aussie kennel (Germany)

Kaleido Star America’s Next Top Model

Breeder: Kaleido Star kennel

owner: Solarflare Aussie kennel (South Africa)

South African Champion

2x BOG

Res. BOG

Big successes

Big successes at the World Dogshow in Moscow for the Real Pearl Kennel

World Winner and Best of Breed MultiCh.Jim Jam at real Pearl

(Ch.Borderfame Mystic Liason x Zoomer at Real Pearl) !!!!

Mayn many thanks for the great job with him to his proud owner Tatiana Koulakhmetieva.

Vice Junior World Winner bitch My Dream in Prada’s House at Real Pearl

(JCh.Sportingfields Zipper for You x Lucky For You Blue Kiss to Real Pearl) at only 9 month of age !!!

Her proud owner is : Irina Vlasova