Zoomer at Real Pearl  

zoomer at real pearlzoomerf
Born : 03.09.2008.
CEA/CH, TNS Normal

Ch. Claygar Boot Scootin' Boogie
Ch. Pikkupaimenen Spy Catcher Ch. Borderfame Bravo Ch.Minimbah Showdown
Borderfame Polyanna
Ch. Pikkupaimenen Cascade Kid Ch.Minimbah Hot Lyric
Ch.Borderfame Sheer Delight
Ch. Claygar Shake Your Booty Ch. Claygar Bootsy'n Snudge Ch.Merrybrook Moriaty
Ch.Black-Booties O' Clan-Abby
Wizaland News Connection Ch.Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone
Wizaland New Spectacular
JCh. Hey Jude
at Real Pearl
Ch. Nahrof Foreign Fantasy Ch. Nahrof Shadow of Mercy Ch.Glentress Show No Mercy
Ch.Wiralee Moon Shadow
Ch. Nahrof Dontmeanathing Ch.Bonny Earl of Carlanring
Nahrof Echoes of an Era
Ch. Zeabo Ethel Ch. Detania Hey Jude at Zeabo Ch. Detania Singing the Blues
Detania Magical Mystery Tour
Zeabo Buttons Ch.Detania Magnum
Detania Sweet Substitute at Zeabo