Recent News/Friss Hírek 

Cricket boy is Res.Junior Best in Show & Res. BOG today !!!! So happy and proud !! thanks Karen Bell, to send him to us !!!! Time to celebrate his very first succesfull show and results!

Big successes at the World Dogshow in Moscow for the Real Pearl Kennel


World Winner and Best of Breed MultiCh.Jim Jam at real Pearl 

(Ch.Borderfame Mystic Liason x Zoomer at Real Pearl) !!!!

Mayn many thanks for the great job with him to his proud owner Tatiana Koulakhmetieva.

Vice Junior World Winner bitch My Dream in Prada’s House at Real Pearl 

(JCh.Sportingfields Zipper for You x Lucky For You Blue Kiss to Real Pearl) at only 9 month of age !!!

Her proud owner is : Irina Vlasova

Ch.Titanic at Real Pearl son Won Junior World Winner and Best Junior!!!

Best Baby of the World is No More Tears at Real Pearl 

(JCh.Sportingfields Zipper for You x Quite Light at Real Pearl) her proud owner is : Maxim Lysov

Oliver Twist at Real Pearl ex.4th place 

(IntCh.Sportingfields North Star x Passion Fruit di Sutri) proud owner : Irina Vlasova

Ch.Titanic at Real Pearl 2nd place in Veteran Class 

( Ch.Avatar One night Stand at Bayshore x Eyes of the World Empress) proud owner is : Elena Denisova


What a day !!!!!!
Thanks for all  for your great work with the Real Pearl dogs my russian friends !!!!

Kendrick at Real Pearl 

Kendrick at Real Pearl (Blocker x Zoe) won HPJ, BOB and Res.BOG title at his very first show in junior class in Szerencs CAC (National) show.
Big big congrats for his proud owner Fruzsina Kenderes !!!
első fiatal osztályos szereplésén HPJ, BOB majd Res.Best of Group címet szerzett a Szerencsi CAC kiállításon.
Hatalmas gratula a gazdinak Kenderes Fruzsinának !!!
kendrick at real pearl

Ellany Ipsa & Bessy J ( Deadsea at Real Pearl)

Hatalmas gratula a horvát „Super Talent” című tévéműsorban való továbbjutáshoz!!!Büszke vagyok rátok /Judit :)
Big big congrats for the croatian „Super Talent” presentation !!!
 Proud of both of you /Judit :)


Final Countdown at Real Pearl

( Sportingfield's ZIPPER For You x Quiet Light at Real Pearl)

HPJ, Best junior, BOB and BEST of GROUP                                                                                                                                                                                                    final


Old news/régi hírek

FireFox at Real Pearl 

( Sportingfield's ZIPPER For You x Quiet Light at Real Pearl)

 Best Junior, Jun.CAC, Best male, BOB, Best of Group 3 at his age of 10 months! 




FeHoVa International Dog Show

 Apple Juice at Real Pearl
(Ch.Borderfame Mystic Liason x Quite Light at Real Pearl)

She stolen many hearts with her funny face markings
Congrats all the winners!
Happy and proud.


Oliver Twist at Real Pearl

( Ch.Sportingfields North Star x Ch.Passion Fruit di Sutri )
got BOB & BOG III. in a national show St.Petersburg (Russia).
Congrats Irina & Brian ! Well done !!!

Vision at Real Pearl "Luna"

Debrecen CACIB Saturday Exc.1; CAC; res. CACIB
Debrecen CACIB Sunday Exc 1, CAC; res. CACIB

Quimby at Real Pearl

( Ch.Hotnote Good News x JCh.Azúrkék Ragyogás Venus at Real Pearl )
got BOB in Karstadt (Germany).

Well done Tina & Quimby !!!
quimby at real pearl

 Balik at Real Pearl 

(Ch.Claygar Boot Scootin Boogie x JCh.Azurkék Ragyogás Venus at Real Pearl)

 On his first shows Balik won 2 x Excellent 1, 2 x CACJ, 2 x BJ (Best Junior), BD (Best Dog), BOB (Best of Breed). There were 1,100 dogs, over 600 juniors. In the main ring at Best Junior in Show he qualified in first 7 juniors. In the group of sheepdogs (Best of Group) he qualified in the top 5 of the group.
Proud owners : Antoanella & Ovidiu Manescu

2014 International dog show "Eurasia Dog Show"

Jim Jam at Real Pearl



 Komárom International Dog show

I'm so proud to my old gentleman Ch.Borderfame Mystic Liason.

I decided to show him in veteran class, because he is in sooooo good form.He hated the shows in his all life, so that's why I didn't show his so often in the past. He is more, than 10 years old
He collected the Veteran Champion title and on Sunday got the Best of Breed also.
Yes, he is a "once in a lifetime" dog for me !!!!
I hope he will living with us more years.
Thanks for the lovely photos who made and sent to me them

Oliver Twist at Real Pearl

(Ch.Sportingfields North Star x Ch.Passion Fruit di Sutri)

International dog show in Minsk
1st of June on International dog show in Minsk (Belarus) Brian got

CAC, CACIB, BOB and Crufts Qualification!

Judge Hoier Charlotte (Denmark)

We are happy again :)
Congrats for the proud owner Irina Vlasova

 Oliver Twist at Real Pearl

(Ch.Sportingfields North Star x Ch.Passion Fruit Di Sutri)

4th of May the "Dog Dance"  team got 1st place on freestyle competition (last dog on the line).

And 5th of May on the International dog show "Spring St.-Petersburg" Brian got CACIB and BOB!!!!

We are happy!

Congrats for his proud owner Irina Vlasova

 Variant at Real Pearl became USA Champion !!!!

Congrats to his owner Tony Vanbeek.
Well done boys :)
We are proud and happy.
variant at real pearl

 16.12.2012 - IDS "Christmas Cup" Lithuania, Vilnius

Jim Jam At Real Pearl




Jim Jam At Real Pearl